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    • Nostalgic sighting mirror compass
    • Sinus conversion chart on the lid
    • With circular level and clinometer
    • 360° scale division, adjustable
    • Massive metal finish
    • Hand crafted
    • Each unit is unique
    • A very special gift
    • Laser engraving available
  • Wooden rail to mount our telescopes with flat sides on a normal photographic tripod. With special nut to fit most standard tripods.

    Size: 250 x 25 x 7 mm

  • Wooden rail to mount our round telescopes on a normal photographic tripod. With special nut to fit most standard tripods.

    Size: 200 x 33 x 15 mm

  • Probably one of the best known scientific toys in the world, also known as “Happy Drinking Bird”.

    If you regularly fill his glass with new water, he will forever carry on sipping, seesawing back and forth.

    This toy had been banned in Europe for a long time because of its former harmful filling. But now Astromedia have found a version that has full EU approval and is safe.

  • Crookes Radiometer -...

    Price £23.95

    The Crookes Radiometer, also known as a “light mill”, consists of a partly evacuated glass bulb, inside of which a set of vanes is suspended on a vertical axle. One side of the vanes is black, the other silver coloured. When exposed to bright light, the vanes start rotating about the axle. 

  • The Goethe Barometer consists of a partly filled glass sphere with stand that has a spout attached to its bottom. The spout is open at the top, which allows the atmospheric pressure to change the level of the liquid inside.

  • Galileo Thermometer -...

    Price £34.95

    The principle of this thermometer was discovered by Galileo Galilei: Suspended in the liquid inside the cylinder are a number of weights which are attached to sealed glass bulbs.

  • Set of three files (each fine and medium), ideal to smooth and clean edges and burrs of our cardboard kits. Also suitable for wood and soft plastic.

  • Hand Boiler - Astromedia

    Price £17.49

    If you hold the bottom glass bulb of the hand boiler in your hand, something astonishing happens: The blue fluid inside the bulb starts to rise through the spiral into the top bulb. When nearly all of the liquid is in the top bulb it also starts to bubble, as if it would be boiling

  • AstroMedia Prism Kit

    Price £17.49

    A kit for a prism made from acrylic glass. Cast acrylic glass blank with all necessary polishing material to produce a highly transparent prism, instructions included - download below

    Size: 22 x 22 x 22 mm. Length: 55 mm

    Suitable for children.

  • High quality single lenses and achromatic systems of two lenses. Ideal for experiments and self-made optical instruments. Diameters between 18 and 50 mm, a whole range of different focal lengths. All lenses are surplus from production lines of optical instruments.

    • 531+532OMG and 550-569OAL
    • Diameters: 18 to 50 mm
    • Focal lengths: +26.5 to +250 mm
  • High quality lenses made from acrylic glass. The budget solution for all optical experiments. Diameters between 13 and 62 mm, a whole range of different focal lengths.

    C: convergent lens

    D: divergent lens

  • AstroMedia Spherical...

    Price £16.49

    The main mirror used in our Newton Telescope: made by BAADER Planetarium from tempered float glass, with aluminium and quartz coating. An excellent mirror for DIY telescopes!

    Mirror diameter: 70 mm

    Thickness: 5 mm

    Focal length: 450 mm

  • A high quality flat mirror made from tempered float glass, with aluminium and quartz coating. No ghost images because the reflective surface is on the front of the mirror!

  • A fascinating gadget: wherever this black film is warmed up to 28°C it changes its colour to red. If the temperature rises above that, the colour changes to orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. At 34°C it turns black again. 

  • A special egg timer: the sand doesn’t land on a uniform hill, but forms strange structures!

    In a normal egg timer the sand always forms a flat cone onto whose tip the sand falls from above. This sand in this egg timer does the same, until you stand it in its wooden stand.

  • A rainbow for indoors! This large crown glass prism projects beautiful spectral colours into your room.

    Hang the prism in a south-west or south-east facing window. When the low standing sun shines through the prism, it projects fields of spectral colours sideways into the room. A slight spin of the prism makes them dance around beautifully.