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Married at Lady Chapel Osmotherley and reception at The Golden Lion. Idyllic. Lady Chapel is remote and nestles on the very edge of The North Yorkshire Moors. The village is a very popular destination for tourists and The Golden Lion is a very popular restaurant and bar.
17 Photographs


Married at Helford Church and had their Reception at Trebah Gardens, Helford Sound, in Cornwall. A beautifully thought through day. The photographs start and end in Trebah Gardens and in between Zelia and Arron had their wedding on the other side of the Helford Sound. Stunning photographs on a lovely day.
23 Photographs


Married at Kirkby Fleetham Church and had their reception at Swinton Park. Great venues and it shows in their lovely photographs.
86 Photographs


Married and had their Reception At Judges, Kirklevington, Yarm. A tremendously popular location on the edge of Yarm, Judges has large grounds with water features and follies. There is nowhere better on a summer’s day.
21 Photographs


Married and had their reception at Redworth Hall Hotel. Jane knew exactly what she wanted and I was so happy when the weather did not let them down. Redworth Hall has the old look though it also has a modern wing too. It is an easy place to take great photographs as the grounds are also wonderful. On a cold day we did not explore them as much but still I am most happy with their album.
37 Photographs


Married at Egglescliffe Church and had their reception at Home. They had spectacular settings all through the day and fortunately, the weather to match too.
20 Photographs


Married at Catterick Village Church and had their reception at Tall Trees Hotel, Yarm. A lovely old village church and Wynd leading to it. In contrast, the spacious Tall Trees Hotel makes for a grand setting in a contemporary setting.
15 Photographs


Married at Ainderby Steeple Church and had their reception at home. The marquee for their reception was self contained and spectacular, which certainly helped on a winter’s day and unfortunate weather.
15 Photographs


Wedding at Hutton Sessay and reception at home. A marquee on the garden edge allowed for a lovely setting.
31 Photographs


Married at Kirkby Fleetham Church and had their reception at Headlam Hall Hotel, Gainford. A country estate church and spacious country hotel with lovely grounds. Lots of great possibilities and a treat for everyone including the photographer.
26 Photographs


Married and had their Reception at Crab Manor, Aisenby. A gorgeous small hotel with a renowned restaurant near Topcliffe, Thirsk. Beautiful terraced grounds between the two venues make for great photographs.
10 Photographs


Married at Kirkby Fleetham Church and had their Reception at Hartforth Hall Hotel, Gilling West. A country estate church set in perfect grounds and a country house hotel with lots of great features inside and out.
12 Photographs


Married at Croft Church, Darlington and had their Reception at Headlam Hall, Gainforth. A beautiful cold winter’s day and the girls look fabulous and warm too. There is a photograph of Richard, Ellie and family here too. I photographed their wedding a few years ago.
14 Photographs


Marriage and Reception at Matfen Hall. A fabulous wedding venue with its own championship golf course. This large hotel is in beautiful countryside, so is still a great place for a candlelit wedding on a wintery day.
12 Photographs


Married at Healey Church and had their reception at Ripon Spa Hotel. It is always most flattering to get a referral from a brides sister. Healey near Masham is a church with lovely dales views and not too far from Ripon. The Spa Hotel is a lovely old venue with lots of space for photographs. I made sure sister Jenny and Mark had a good family portrait that day too.
25 Photographs


Married at Ainderby Steeple Church. They had their reception at Solberge Hall Hotel. It was very warm and bright but fortunately Solberge Hall has large grounds with lovely big trees for shade. Very helpful in getting them the best photographs.
18 Photographs