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    FREE Celestron Blank slides 72pcs worth £4.95 Incredible sale price - only whilst existing stock last! Get the excellent performance of our traditional Micro360 microscope, along with a 2MP digital imager so you can capture photos and video of your discoveries with the Micro360+. This package gives you maximum flexibility and allows you to easily share...

    59.95 99.95
    Delivery In 1-5 Days*
  • 49.95 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    Planoptically Polished with Phantom Coating Group (PCG). Drastically improves contrast for all reflector telescopes, without loss of brightness! Please ensure you order the size you require - Available in 1.25 inch (31.7mm) or 2 inch (50.8mm)

    Delivery In 1-5 Days*
  • 39.00 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    You are better off with 2958500 as it will fit more products & is the same price. Unless this item is in short supply! The ingenious two-piece design allows you to adjust the orientation of your equipment before you fully thread in the SCT adapter.

    Delivery In 1-5 Days*
  • 159.00 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    LiFePO4 batteries may last up to 1400 cycles where LiPo Lithium last around 300 charges. LiFePO4 batteries are the safest battery technology available. The output voltage is identical to SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries, but they weigh approximately ⅓ of SLA.

    Delivery In 1-5 Days*
  • 99.95 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    Acquire larger viewing area with the Celestron Wide Angle Eyepiece to easily follow subjects as they move. This wide angle eyepiece created by the specialists at Celestron can be used on Celestron spotting scopes, telescopes and other optical instruments that have a 1.25" eyepiece mount.

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  • 64.95 Available To Order

    Replacement tripod for a Celestron AstroMaster 130, 130MD, 114 or 90. It will not fit any other telescope. It does not include the mount or optical tube - see image Choose Variety On Right

    Available To Order
  • 79.95 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    The newly enhanced X-Cel LX eyepiece series is what you've been waiting for in a high quality eyepiece for planetary viewing. With a brand new sleek and robust design and a twist-up eye guard, these eyepieces are especially designed for comfort and ease of use. They also have a wide field of view of 60° and 6-element fully multi-coated optics for...

    Delivery In 1-5 Days*

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