• £ 69.99 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    Sky-Watcher R.A. motor drive for EQ2 (with Multi-Speed Handset) can be fitted to any of our telescopes supplied with the EQ2 equatorial mount. Provides multi-speed (1x/2x4x) motor tracking of the R.A. axis. Battery-powered.

    £ 69.99
    Delivery In 1-5 Days*
  • £ 820.00 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    Highest Practical Power (Potential): x600 Diameter of Primary Mirror: 305mm Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): SP10mm & 25mm Dual-Fit 1.25"/2" Crayford Focuser Parabolic Primary Mirror Telescope Tube Length 144cm (Extended), 92.5cm (Retracted) 44% more Light Gathering than 250mm

    £ 820.00
    Delivery In 1-5 Days*
  • £ 580.00 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    The Regal M2 spotting scope series is the next generation of our top-performing Regal F-ED spotting scopes. Day or night, the Regal M2 is optimized to provide the sharpest images available. You’ll love them for bird watching, nature observing, long distance viewing and casual astronomical observing.

    £ 580.00
    Delivery In 1-5 Days*
  • £ 125.00 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    Ideal for Daytime Terrestrial Observations as well as Deep-Sky Astronomical Use. The Sky-Watcher MERCURY-705 is a two-element, air-spaced achromatic refractor, that is a well proven performer for ‘Rich-Field’ views of comets, star fields, star clusters, nebulae, bright galaxies & planets, the Moon and the Sun (with proper safety filtering!), as well as...

    £ 125.00
    Delivery In 1-5 Days*
  • £ 155.00 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    This 2" 3 element 0.79x reducer is designed to work with Altair Astro and other refractors with focal ratios from F6 to F8, optimized at F7.    Best results are with sub-APS size sensors (about 22mm or so), such as those found on CCD cameras, however it is compatible with 35mm full frame format sensors, utilising about 85% of the field whereafter some...

    £ 155.00
    Delivery In 1-5 Days*
  • £ 139.00 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    Manufactured from high quality Magnesium Aluminium Alloy, this tripod is light, stable and durable with an impressive load capacity. Supplied with smooth fluid action video pan head.

    £ 139.00
    Delivery In 1-5 Days*
  • £ 85.00 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    Impressively stable and durable, the Large Kenro BC3 Advanced Triple Action Ball Head is precision-engineered in aluminium alloy and features a built-in spirit level, and an Arca Swiss-style quick release plate. Designed for use with cameras and camcorders that weigh up to 12kg, it’s ideal for use with modern cameras. A carry bag is also included to keep...

    £ 85.00
    Delivery In 1-5 Days*
  • £ 23.95 Delivery In 1-5 Days*

    This battery operated LED illuminator easily attaches to the exit hole of the polar axis bore of Skywatcher EQ3-2 and EQ5 and Celestron CG-5 and AVX Equatorial Mounts. Provides illumination to the polarscope reticule. A useful aid to the polar alignment procedure. Adjustable light intensity & Includes 1x CR2032 battery

    £ 23.95
    Delivery In 1-5 Days*

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