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  • £ 1,999.00 1-5 Days Delivery* Tax included

    Excellent Condition - No Boxes & collection in-store only. 1 Month Warranty This telescope requires a power supply - & you should consider a higher specification unit for accessories such as dew heaters. You can choose a mains or a portable solution (right). Lithium batteries are more expensive but out perform the lead acid options

    £ 1,999.00 Tax included
    1-5 Days UK Delivery*
    1-5 Days Delivery*
  • £ 225.00 Delivery In 1-5 Days* Tax included

    Made In Japan & In Very Good Condition. This complete telescope system is everything you would expect from a 80mm refractor and much more. No packaging hence "collection In-Store" Only.

    £ 225.00 Tax included
    1-5 Days UK Delivery*
    Delivery In 1-5 Days*
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items