Hedgehogs are insectivores and their preferred diet includes beetles, slugs, caterpillars and earthworms. Our Hedgehog Food is an excellent substitute should supplies of these insects be insufficient. They can also be tempted by saucers of meat-based cat or dog food, but at all times of the year, particularly during the summer, it is important to ensure a bowl of clean water is available.
St Valentine’s Day marks the start of National Nest Box Week, a campaign aimed at encouraging as many people as possible to put up a nest box to help our wildlife.
Our homes are full of festive food at this time of year as we celebrate Christmas and here at Grovers, we know lots of you will want to provide for your garden birds too
The replacement for the CGEM is about to hit the UK & it has been worth the wait. Everything you would want from an imaging mount including increased payload.
At Grovers Optics Shop we are not just about offering you the best service but we also want shopping with us to be as easy by mail order as it is in our Northallerton Store. Despite increases in delivery costs we are now offering free delivery to more people than ever.
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