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Flat & Curved Mounts For Go-Pro


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- Accessory set for GoPro action cameras, perfect for all sports activities 
- 3-way swivelling arm for all imaginable shooting angles 
- The high-quality 3M adhesive technology ensures a consistently reliable hold also in the rain and cold 
- Set comprising two different adhesive mounts, two different quick-release fasteners, one 3-way swivelling arm and one long replacement screw 

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Adhesive pads 
- 2-part replacement set consisting of one straight (e.g. for car windows) and one curved (e.g. for sports helmets, handlebars) adhesive mount 
- If required the adhesive pads can be cleanly removed when heat (hairdryer) is applied 

Note for Consumers: 
Only use the adhesive pads on dust and grease-free surfaces. Be sure to apply the mount at room temperature, and also allow at least 12 hours for the mount to properly adhere to the surface.

  •  1 straight mounting plate 
  • - 1 curved mounting plate 
  • - 2 adhesive pads 
  • - 2 different quick-release fasteners 
  • - 3-way swivelling arm 
  • - 1 long replacement screw


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