Baader Stronghold Tangent Assembly

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The Baader Stronghold is designed, to safely and firmly mount and fine-tune auxilliary optics ranging from lightweight finder scopes to massive guiding telescopes.
Four exterior locking screws serve to adjust the Baader Stronghold, by means of loosening one screw and counterlocking the opposite one. In this way, the optical axis of the auxilliary Instrument (e.g. Vario Finder, camera lens, spotting scope, guiding-telescope or similar) may be finetuned accurately. A stainless-steel locking dowel is included in the Baader Stronghold Tangent Assembly. The dowel is fastened in a springloaded
bracket inside the azimuth blocks.

The Baader Stronghold can be mounted to Vixen style dovetail bar right out of the box, and with addition of adapter #2450316 it can be mounted to the larger Losmandy style bar.


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