Celestron Polar Axis Finderscope CGX CGX-L Mounts


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This optional Polar Axis Finderscope (polarscope) is for the Celestron CGX and CGX-L series of equatorial mounts and provides an easy, straightforward way to polar align your mount.  The polarscope includes a dovetail base bracket that attaches to the CGX and the supplied finder bracket itself can be removed from the dovetail for storage.

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Designed specifically for CGX and CGX-L, the bracket angle is adjustable to accommodate the most accessible viewing angle for your setup.

With a quick view to Polaris, the reticle displays Ursa Major and Cassiopeia in relation to the North Celestial Pole, so you can be accurately aligned without the need to reference an app or specific date/time/location info.


  • Custom made for CGX/CGX-L
  • Adjustable bracket angle for best accessibility
  • 6x magnification
  • Simple reticle map easily locates the North Celestial Pole without the need to reference an app or location & time
  • Scope tilt is adjustable to allow for accurate polar alignment
  • 10 hours of normal use on a full battery charge


  • Optics    Refractor doublet
  • Optical coatings    Multi-coated
  • Aperture (mm)    20mm
  • Magnification    6x
  • Weight    1 lb 1.4 oz
  • Included Items    6 x 20 polar finderscope
  • Bracket
  • Dovetail base for bracket


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