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What is the most important feature of your spotting scope? Digiscoping with a DSLR Camera
What is the best viewing position for you? Straight Through View (Popular for Planes, Trains, etc)
Optical Coatings Fully Multi-Coated
Objective Lens Diameter 66mm
Viewing Angle Straight
Warranty 30 Years
WaterProof & Nitrogen Filled Yes

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“Smaller, lighter, sharper, brighter” Opticron HR ED fieldscopes are designed and manufactured to deliver exceptional optical performance combined with sublime handling and total reliability.

Aimed squarely at the serious user, the instruments are built to withstand extremes in temperature, to operate unaffected by rain, cold or humidity and be used anywhere from the equatorial rainforests to the poles. The choice of body types, eyepieces and accessories for observation and telephotography are unmatched and combine to create one of the most versatile ranges of professional spotting scopes available on the market today.
Optically the HR ED deliver the highest resolution figures of any Opticron telescope as each model contains a high definition 5 element apochromat objective lens with 2 individual ED elements. As well as maximizing image sharpness, this second element delivers significant reductions in chromatic aberration 'CA' at higher magnification settings compared to single element designs.
To optimize light transmission and color contrast across the magnification range, Opticron N-type extra wide band multi-coating is applied to all air/glass surfaces throughout each instrument.
Mechanically HR ED fieldscopes feature a lightweight magnesium alloy body fitted with a large footprint tripod adapter that offers +/- 90 degree rotation around the central axis of the scope. 
Fully nitrogen gas filled waterproof and hermetically sealed against penetration from dust and moisture, the spotting scopes are protected from the elements with a durable soft touch textured rubber armour. 
Other features include a centrally positioned rubber armoured focusing wheel for optimum accessibility plus a retractable rubber covered lens hood (Sunshade) with integrated rubber objective lens cap. 
HR ED fieldscopes are supplied with a comprehensive 30 year guarantee. 
At under 13" long, the HR 66 GA ED easily lives up to its reputation as a high performance compact fieldscope. It’s not only the resolution that makes this ‘scope special. When fitted with any of the HDF T 20xWW, 28xWW, 38xWW or SDLv2 18-54x eyepieces, viewing over long periods of time or in poor light as dusk draws in is exceptionally comfortable on the eye.
With outstanding low light performance the HR 80 GA ED comfortably maintains superb colour contrast even in the poorest field conditions. The F=570mm objective lens also provides a unique opportunity for accurate long range observation using the HDF T 38xWW & 52xWW and SDLv2 24-72x.


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A wide range of eyepieces are available for use with HR fieldscopes and choosing the best eyepiece will depend on price and application. The eyepiece is an integral component in the system and a higher quality eyepiece will deliver a superior viewing experience.
SDL v2 Eyepiece 
5-group 8-element ‘super’ zoom, the SDLv2 eyepiece maximises the performance gains inherent in Opticron ED objective lens fieldscopes at higher powers while maintaining superior cross-field definition coupled with exceptional viewing comfort. Model features twist-type retractable eyecup. Supplied in soft case. 10 year guarantee.
HDF Eyepieces 
The preferred choice for quality and viewing comfort, HDF T eyepieces have large dia. eye lenses that provide 'walk-in' field of vision. All HDF eyepieces offer full field of view with or without glasses and are designated wide-angle. Models marked (*) feature a twist-type retractable eyecup. 10 year guarantee.
HR Eyepieces
Good choice as either supplementary eyepiece in combination with HDF or single eyepiece for the more value conscious requiring long eye-relief as all eyepieces offer full field of view with spectacles. Models marked (*) feature a twist-type retractable eyecup. 5 year guarantee.

Stay-on-the-scope Waterproof CasesWP Case green 
Water resistant multi-layer padded cases individually designed to fit each model. Protects instrument while fitted to a tripod and in use. Includes removable end caps and adjustable carry strap. Green cases are supplied with deluxe neoprene shoulder strap.
WP Case green in use 


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Telephotography, (taking high magnification photographs) is now easier then ever to enjoy using Opticron telescopes in conjunction with either D-SLR / SLR cameras, digital compact cameras or camcorders. CLICK HERE for more information on telephotography with HR ED scopes.

Our view

Opticron's HR series of telescopes goes back to the 1980's and was originally the main rival to the popular Bushnell Spacemaster 60. Since then, the HR (High Resolution) scopes have changed shapes a few times, included ED lenses in the mid-nineties, and now the latest models are extremely tough and durable, with rubber armouring and nitrogen filled for complete waterproofing. The two HR models we offer are the 66mm and 80mm aperture ED versions. They are Japanese built and the quality control is obvious by the time taken to ensure correct collimation of the optics. There is a tendency these days with some brands, in order to keep manufacturing costs down, to pay less attention to achieving perfect collimation as the thinking is that as quality control is one of the most expensive areas of production, and we are dealing with a terrestrial spotting scope not an astronomical telescope, that collimation is not essential for magnification uses of 20X to 60X. 

However, it can easily be shown that good collimation permits a spotting scope at higher magnifications, to show higher resolution images, particularly of tiny detail at distance. It can mean the difference between identifying different species of small birds at a distance. Correct optical alignment is essential in any optical instrument, and as such, the term HR applied to these Opticron scopes is apt.
The HR66ED and HR80ED are available in both straight through eyepiece position and 45o angled eyepiece position.
The HR66ED is the model to choose for normal daylight birding. Its performance using the SDLv2 zoom is excellent, (zooms of this type are notably improved over zoom eyepieces of twenty years ago, when they were considered a poor relation to fixed focal length eyepieces). During our initial trials of this telescope using the SDLv2 zoom, there was no loss of detail or contrast at the higher end of the zoom range, only a small amount if image brightness loss. The days of using zoom eyepieces at settings of  20X and 30X only are a thing of the past. Even in low light the 66ED delivers a useful image, extremely sharp and with very low internal reflections. Only in poor light at magnifications above 30X did the 80ED outperform the 66ED. We recommend the HR80ED as the telescope to choose from all the Opticron range, for poor light evening gull roosts, roosting times at reserves and poor dull weather sea watching. During daylight and even some dull conditions, the HR66ED may be the only scope you need. It shows a notable increase in image brightness over 60mm ED rival telescopes in poor light, and is considerably more robust than the vast majority of its competition. These HRED scopes from Opticron are the ideal birding scopes, short of using them as cricket bats, they should last a lifetime of normal birding rough handling.
Both a-focal and prime focus photography are possible using the HRED scopes. See our separate section for digiscoping options.

In side by side comparisons at a reserve in North Yorkshire with two German manufactured spotting scopes, the HR80ED could identify every bird at any distance, and any small plumage marking, that the German telescopes could at magnifications of 20X to 60X. When the price of these Opticron scopes is taken into consideration, it demonstrates that sensibly priced instruments can perform equally well alongside those models priced at the edge of sanity.This scope can be used for a-focal digiscoping and prime focus photography with a dSLR.


If a fixed magnification is your preferred choice for birding, it is best to choose an eyepiece of around 30X with a wide field. A zoom eyepiece can be useful but quite often higher quality fixed focal length eyepieces are a little more comfortable to use particularly over longer periods of observation. Budget for the Opticron stay-on case. The HRED scopes are very tough and durable, but a stay-on case keeps the scope from getting marked. 

Note: The eyepiece image on this page is a single variety & for illustration purposes only. All the Opticron eyepieces are listed seperately if specific images are required.

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