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Schleich Corral Fence


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The cows in the fenced-off pasture are well looked after. At the end of the day, the farmer brings them back in. He opens the big gate and drives them back into the warm stalls.

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Cows can jump to a height of 1.8 metres if they run fast enough and then put a lot of power into the jump.

The farmer has put up a sturdy new fence. But be careful: if the gate isn’t locked properly, the cows might slip away unnoticed. Some breeds are famous for being real escape artists who can open the bars on gates with their tongues. They may look clumsy and sedate, but cows can effortlessly leap over pasture fences, and many of them have escaped in this way. They can’t do it from a standing start, but if they take a short run-up they can jump very high.

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