Meade Stella - Wireless Serial & USB Adapter

Meade Stella - Wireless Serial & USB Adapter

Control your telescope with your smart phone or tablet.

The adapter that allows you to wirelessly control your telescope. Control your telescope at a distance without having to worry about your handbox cord length. Creating its own Wi-Fi network or joining other Wi-Fi networks, the Stella adapter communicates and aids in controlling your scope to making observing a breeze!

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Delivery In 1-5 Days*


Delivery in 1-5 Days*


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  • Wirelessly control the telescope from your tablet or smartphone.
  • When paired with StellaAccess, allows you to view & learn about objects in the planetarium database, and have your telescope point to the object you’re viewing on the app with the push of a button.
  • Powered by AC adapter or the rechargeable battery & has a power saving mode, ensuring you will get the most out of your battery life.
  • Works with all Meade telescopes that use AudioStar, AutoStar (non #494 versions), AutoStar II, and AutoStar III.
  • Can create its own Wi-Fi hotspot; no need for internet connection, or join existing Wi-Fi networks.
  • Contains a web server for configuring Wi-Fi parameters such as security, passwords, SSID (Service Set ID, allowing you to rename the network).
  • Comes with velcro for affixing Stella to your telescope.

When paired with our Android and iOS app, StellaAccess, you now have a graphical interface for navigating the night sky. With this new adapter, gone are the days of handbox limitations; now you have a full featured planetarium at your fingertips that works in conjunction with your telescope!

Designed for Meade computer-controlled GoTo telescopes, Stella uses the Wi-Fi capabilities built into your iOS or Android device to point your telescope in the sky.

Many people get lost in the sea of stars, unsure of where to look. Now with Stella and StellaAccess, you can leave your woes behind and explore the skies with ease. See a deep-sky object on StellaAccess that you want to view? With a push of a button, your telescope will point to it. Stella gives you control of your telescope at a distance; keep the handbox at your telescope, and find celestial objects wirelessly.

Does Stella require internet access to work?

Don’t worry, you don’t need internet for Stella to work properly! Unlike Bluetooth, Stella requires no pairing and no special drivers. Supporting a DHCP server or client, Stella can enable your telescope to be remotely controlled. All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled device like an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.

How does Stella work?

Stella creates its own 802.11 wireless network. By default, this is an open wireless network called "Stella", but you can rename and secure as you wish. You join this network from any of your qualified devices and just like that... you're ready to use Stella! As long as your device gets its IP address by DHCP, no additional network configuration is required.

Battery Life

Stella uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. It has a typical battery life of 4-8 hours under continuous use and offers a “power-saving mode” to aid in increased battery life. Stella can also be powered from an external source, like USB ports or wall socket. Cables for both AC power (120V, 60Hz) and USB to micro-USB are included.

Stella Apps, Software and Firmware

To complete your Stella experience, you'll download and purchase our telescope control application, StellaAccess onto your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch or Android device. The Stella Wi-Fi adapter works seamlessly with StellaAccess app as well as the SkySafari software. Firmware is upgradable via computer. Note: You'll need the mobile application, StellaAccess to use the Wi-Fi adapter.

Does the mobile app, StellaAccess, come free with Stella?

No, purchasing Stella Wi-Fi adapter does not include the mobile application, StellaAccess. StellaAccess is available for purchase from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes Store.

Compatible Telescopes

Stella can wirelessly enable almost any telescope with a standard USB or RS-232 serial interface. Models that have been tested and are known to work with Stella include:

    • Meade LX200 Classic and GPS
    • Meade LX400 ACF
    • Meade LX600 / LX850
    • Meade LS / LT
    • Meade ETX (when equipped with #497 or AudioStar Controller)
    • Meade LXD 55 / 75 / 650 / 750.
    • Meade LX90 / LX80
    • Meade Magellan I
    • Meade Magellan II

Some Meade ETX models (60/80) ship with the Autostar #494 controller. To make Stella work with these scopes, you need to replace the #494 Autostar controller (which does not have a serial port) with the AudioStar (which does). Contact Meade to upgrade your controller.

StellaAccess (Mobile App)

Fully-featured planetarium application.

With over 2.5 million objects including stars, deep-sky objects, asteroids, comets, and satellites, StellaAccess is your road map to the night sky. Simulate the sky from any location on Earth, past or present. Simulate transits, eclipses, and other events with time controls.

StellaAccess can also help you identify objects in the night sky by holding up your phone or tablet. With Compass and Gyro support, the sky chart will follow your motion as you move your phone around, giving you a new way to look at the night sky.

Other notable features include iridium flare notifications, ISS tracking, Orbit Mode to simulate views from other worlds, object descriptions with color astrophotos, observing session planning, Night Vision Mode, and “Tonight at a Glance”, giving you a tour of the best objects in the night sky based on your time and location. Gyro support, the sky chart will follow your motion as you move your phone around, giving you a new way to look at the night sky.

Wireless Telescope Control

StellaAccess includes state of the art mobile telescope control. With your telescope connected to the Stella Wi-Fi adapter, StellaAccess allows you to control your Go-To telescope remotely.

Once paired with your telescope, you can move your telescope through StellaAccess with the directional arrows. You can also select objects above the horizon and use StellaAccess’s GoTo feature to have your telescope slew to the object selected.

Using StellaAccess as a Telescope Controller

To use StellaAccess as a telescope controller, your telescope must be connected to the Stella Wi-Fi adapter and your mobile device must be connected to the Stella Wi-Fi network. Your telescope must complete any necessary alignment procedures before connecting to StellaAccess. Reference your telescope manual for detains on your scope’s alignment process. Before tapping the “Connect” button, review the “Settings” page to ensure you have the correct settings.

Under “Telescope”, choose “Setup” and be sure you have the following settings:

    • Select the telescope in use under Scope Type.
    • Select the mount in use under Mount Type.
    • Stella Name set to “Stella” or “”.
    • Port Number set to “4030”.

Once you have the correct settings in place, you are now ready to connect to your telescope. StellaAccess remembers the telescope’s alignment until you quit the app, so you should not have to realign if you disconnect (or are accidentally disconnected). Once connected, you can control your telescope with the directional arrows, or use the GoTo feature to point at a selected object.

You can re-align the scope and the software anytime there is a discrepancy between the two with the “Align” feature. This synchronizes the scope to coordinates of the selected object. The bullseye indicated in the sky chart shows where the telescope thinks it is pointing. If that appears incorrect, the scope and the software must be aligned.

To do so:

    • Physically center the scope on a real object in the sky.
    • Select that object in the sky chart to make it the current target object.
    • Tap the Align button.

When you are finished with your session, tap “Disconnect” to end your telescope control session.

StellaAccess FAQ

Q: Can I use StellaAccess app without the Stella Wi-Fi Adapter?
A: While StellaAccess can be used as a stand-alone planetarium application on your phone or tablet, the Stella Wi-Fi adapter is needed to wirelessly control your telescope with the StellaAccess app.

Q: What devices are compatible with StellaAccess?
A: StellaAccess can be used with Android platforms (Android phones) and iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad).

Q: Where can I download StellaAccess?
A: StellaAccess is available on the App Store for iOS operating systems, or the Play Store for Android platforms.

Q: Does StellaAccess come free with Stella?
A: No, StellaAccess is available for purchase for approximatelly £10.00 from the App Store or Play Store.

Q: Do I need to be connected to the internet for StellaAccess to work?
A: No, internet is not required to use StellaAccess as a planetarium app. Internet connection is required to download StellaAccess from the App or Play Store, and to use the Sky & Telescope “SkyWeek” feature within the app.

Q: Can I use StellaAccess on my computer?
A: No, StellaAccess is not available for Mac or PC computers.


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